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We’re incredibly excited to have you as a brand new STUDIO member and console owner.  This guide is meant to walk you through any and all questions you might have about getting started with STUDIO.  You can browse the table of contents below to jump to specific sections.

If you have specific questions not answered here, please email support -

  • Does STUDIO require a subscription?
    STUDIO requires a subscription for unlimited access to classes. It also gives your entire family access to the device. A STUDIO subscription costs $39 per month or $25 per month if paid in advance for the year.
  • How durable is STUDIO?
    STUDIO was made to withstand your kids, being in your garage, and any other normal wear and tear. Unlike a television, the screen itself is protected by a strong layer of glass just like your smart phone.
  • Is there a financing plan available?
    There will be a financing plan available shortly.
  • How does STUDIO connect to my equipment?  Does it work with any equipment?
    We work with any treadmill, spin bike, rower, or boxing glove using Bluetooth. If your equipment doesn't have bluetooth built in, we sell third party sensors that can make your equipment send data over bluetooth. Here are links to some of the popular pieces of equpment we connect with directly. Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike Bowflex C6 Spin Bike Water Rower
  • What countries is STUDIO available to?
    Right now, STUDIO is available for purchase in the US and Canada.
  • How much does STUDIO cost?
    STUDIO is $999 for those that are invited to purchase. This is a $200 discount.
  • Does STUDIO measure my heart rate?
    We are compatible with all bluetooth heart rate monitors. Apple Watch support will be coming in the future.
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