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One immersive screen that connects with your home gym equipment, and connects you with an uplifting community. Take Running, Cycling, Strength, Rowing, Boxing, Yoga, and Recovery classes from instructors you love.


Excludes tax, delivery, and $39/mo membership


Simple Delivery

STUDIO can be delivered to your door step at anytime without the need to schedule beforehand.


Insanely Easy Setup

Zero assembly required. You'll be able to take your first workout within 5 minutes. Unpack, power on, connect wifi, workout. 


Warranty Included

STUDIO is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.




HEIGHT                           62.4 Inches    

WIDTH                             24.09 Inches

DEPTH                             24.09 Inches

WEIGHT                          77 pounds


SCREEN                           43 Inch 1080p HD    

SPEAKERS                       2x 10 Watt High-Fidelity Speakers

PROCESSOR                   Six Core 64 Bit Processor

SOFTWARE                     STUDIO OS

POWER SOURCE            AC120V, 50/60HzS


CONTROLLED BY           iOS or Android Smart Remote App

WiFi                                   802.11 AC, 5 GHZ

AUDIO                              Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones

HEART RATE                    Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

FITNESS EQUIPMENT    Smart Equipment or Sensors Via Bluetooth

Have Older Equipment? Make It Smart With Sensors.

Not every treadmill, spin bike, or rower has bluetooth connectivity.  That's okay.  We sell third party sensors that can attach to any treadmill or spin bike. We also sell punch trackers for boxing and sensors for Concept2 or Water Rowers.

Treadmill Sensor

The RUNN sensor allows you to retrofit any treadmill to send Speed and Incline data to STUDIO.

Cycling Sensor

The cadence sensor allows you to retrofit any spin bike to send Cadence data to STUDIO.

Rowing Sensor

The rowing sensor allows you to retrofit Concept 2 or Water Rower machines.

Punch Trackers

Our punch trackers allow you to track punches thrown and speed of your punches for our boxing classes.

  • Does STUDIO require a subscription?
    STUDIO requires a subscription for unlimited access to classes. It also gives your entire family access to the device. A STUDIO subscription costs $39 per month or $25 per month if paid in advance for the year.
  • How durable is STUDIO?
    STUDIO was made to withstand your kids, being in your garage, and any other normal wear and tear. Unlike a television, the screen itself is protected by a strong layer of glass just like your smart phone.
  • Is there a financing plan available?
    There will be a financing plan available shortly.
  • How does STUDIO connect to my equipment?  Does it work with any equipment?
    We work with any treadmill, spin bike, rower, or boxing glove using Bluetooth. If your equipment doesn't have bluetooth built in, we sell third party sensors that can make your equipment send data over bluetooth. Here are links to some of the popular pieces of equpment we connect with directly. Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike Bowflex C6 Spin Bike Water Rower
  • What countries is STUDIO available to?
    Right now, STUDIO is available for purchase in the US and Canada.
  • How much does STUDIO cost?
    STUDIO is $999 for those that are invited to purchase. This is a $200 discount.
  • Does STUDIO measure my heart rate?
    We are compatible with all bluetooth heart rate monitors. Apple Watch support will be coming in the future.
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